Writing outside

I love the ebb of summer, when temperatures dip below 90 and the patio once again becomes bearable.

One of the best parts about being a writer is portability. I can write anywhere. Sometimes that means from the beach. Sometimes — unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it — that means writing from the app on my phone while sitting in car circle trying to ignore the heat waves shimmering from the blacktop.

Today that means writing and grading from my mom's back yard, a natural garden of peace with an edge of tranquility.

And the sound of my youngest: "Mom, look at me. I'm swinging." Mixed with the sound of the 100-year-old trees rustling and teetering in the breeze.

And there's the near absence of humidity — compared to Tennessee.

Changing space changes perspective. 

Take a moment when you can to sit outside, whether you're lucky enough to have a front porch porch, back deck, a beach near enough to bring salty air — or a window to roll down in car circle or while you are stuck in traffic.

Tell me about it — or better yet, snap a photo and send that as well.