The Squarespace decision

Where there is infinite choice surrounding services I'm mostly unfamiliar with, there is angst.

Usually I don't worry overmuch.

But when I set out to relaunch my blog — a blog created with a dear friend, suspended, and under reinvention for several years — all of my platform options had changed. (You get the feeling I'm heaping the weight on my shoulders, probably a little unnecessarily?)

Being an experienced blog writer doesn't necessarily equate to tech experience. In fact, I used to have access to a tech department. If something didn't work, the tech guys (and I mean this literally, as they were men) made it work.

This led me to place fairly high emphasis on customer service as a platform criterion.

I researched and read.

I interviewed my friends about their blog/business platforms.

And I went with Squarespace on instinct.

I was a little nervous because lately my instincts have been a bit shoved off by life's unexpected and tragic turns — coupled with wonderful experiences and achievements that nonetheless bring heaps of stress.

Thankfully, in this case I've come to believe I made the correct choice.

Since the Kavanah Life blog launch I've redesigned the pages some four (or so) times, often working late at night in the semi quiet. (There are those repeating HGTV shows I use for white noise... and sometimes there's snoring.)

Twice I've gotten stuck.

This time I switched templates and was so overcome with excitement at actually finding a template that felt organic to my purpose — it took me a full 30 minutes to realize my sidebar copy was missing.

Of course I hadn't saved the copy separately in a handy Word document. It lived only on the right-side column of my site in a previous template.

And no, I couldn't figure out how to get it back. (I'm going to blame coffee with dinner and working past midnight.)

It was actually my husband who suggested I email the Squarespace help desk. I'd done that before with great result.

I gave him the look and said I would email them, but they were going to tell me that my copy was gone forever. And remind me smart people backup important copy.

You have probably guessed already that I had to eat my words. (I also ate half a dark Endangered Species chocolate bar.)

Squarespace tech services responded within the hour to let me know my copy was still alive and well in my old template — I just couldn't see it in the new one.

Five minutes later I had copy and pasted it from my old template to my new-styled page.

It was like having a tech services staff — only now available 24-hours-a-day via message screen.

Well worth the money I've paid.

As a point of clarification, please know I'm not receiving money nor discount for writing this — and this post was in no way initiated by Squarespace. I'm just pleased with my contracted platform provider and thought I'd share with you.

If you've worked with a blogging platform (free or subscription), I'd love to hear about it. Or if you'd like to share your favorite late-night-work snack, I'd love to hear that too. I'm out of chocolate.


— Amy


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