Repairing a precious memory

Two of my favorite things include using packaging tape to make a repair and reading an old book.

Bedtime away from home can be a bit more challenging — even at a grandparent's house. So, I was overjoyed when my five-year-old discovered and took interest in one of my old Disney Book Club selections.

She chose Sleeping Beauty, one of my favorites as an elementary schooler, for bedtime reading.

After she examined each page and explained how the story unfolded — she passed the book to me and to read.

All was well until Princess Aurora pricked her finger on the spinning wheel and I realized several of the pages were missing.

I summarized. "The fairy godmothers put a sleeping spell on everyone, until one day the prince burst through the wall of roses to kiss the princess. Everyone woke up and lived happily ever after."

Time for bed.

The following evening we checked the book bin and sure enough, the missing pages had slid out and were sitting among our other titles.

We set out to put the story back together.

I get quite a bit of comfort out of the small fixes in life.

Through the years I have learned all manner skills necessary to become handy at repairs and have replaced pipes underneath the kitchen sink, changed out several light fixtures, fixed a dripping shower head by taking the faucet apart and replacing the internal cartridge - and mended all manner of clothing and lovies.

Those maintenance tasks that keep life mended and in working order provide comfort.

They become all the sweeter when they involve memories.

My daughter and I share a love for books you can hold in your hand and read. Sleeping Beauty is one of her favorites. (She's not even scared of Maleficent — and she scares easily and often.)

And she loves sticky tape.

Turns out Sleeping Beauty is still a featured part of the Disney Book Club ( — where you can mix it in an order along with newer sensations like The Lion King and Frozen.

Nice to know, though for now, we're going to continue to enjoy the repaired relic of my youth.