Simply blessed with rain

I hesitate to close the blinds for the night.

It’s still raining — and I am thankful for the steady water, released by the rolling clouds, soaking the lawn and gardens. I have a prime view through the four panes that make up a wall of windows in my mom’s living room, which we call the white room.

Rain was forecast beginning yesterday and I’d hastily spread Scott’s Water Smart grass seed and checked the skies… repeatedly. This was something my dad would do — so once again I was reminded he is gone.

Overcast skies prevailed but it wasn’t until about 24 hours later that the clouds rumbled and the first inkling of a summer shower edged closer.

And it rained — for hours, as the sun set and the youngest ones drifted off to sleep.

I hadn’t prayed for rain, specifically for our family. I thanked G-d for making the wind blow and the rain descend — even though I was calling on an off-season prayer — and I meditated on how grateful I was for the life force for all.

I also did a little happy dancing before enjoying the sound of pounding rain and whispering trees.